Grateful for Your Participation!


A big thank you to all those who participated in Shabbat morning services this summer —leading Shacharit, leyning Torah, chanting a Haftarah, leading Musaf, preparing a D’var Torah, leading Adon Olam or Anim Zmirot, chanting Eicha. Services were very special due to everyone’s talents.

Much appreciation to Rabbi Arnowitz, Rabbi Segelman, and Cantor Goldberg for leyning Torah, leading Musaf, delivering a D’var Torh and ensuring that all went smoothly.

Dan Rosenbaum, Howard Mizrachi, Jerry Fortinsky, Herb Leventer, Abe Mizrahi, Larry Thaler, Seth Schafler, Diane Holsten, Sam Levy, Randy Heller, Glen Applebaum, Pam Mizrachi, Rachel Kaminer, Linda Alpert, Cathy Dobkins, Bobby Sassoon, Jen Tobenstein, Dina Nelson, Sandi Rosenbaum, Fern Tannenbaum, Mark Berger, Lee Scopp, Gail Marcus, Howard Hussock, Max Negrin, Naomi Kotkin, Bill Natbony, Larry Iason, Ben Levy, Howard Zweig, Eddie Reich, Al Sassoon, Susan Brecher, Dvora Rabino, Andy Roth, Gabe Mizrachi, Liz Ehrlich, Jeff Tepler, Jeff Taffet, Ruth Glass. 

Our apologies to anyone we might have forgotten.

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