Keeping it Social: The Men’s Club

From The Review of December 1952: “Why A Men’s Club?”

The Men’s Club was officially formed three years ago under the presidency of Max Fisher, to act solely as the social arm of the membership of the Center. During the period when the old “Hebrew Institute of Mamaroneck” was governed by the democratic but unwieldy method of general membership meetings, these meetings served a dual purpose. Firstly, they transacted all the business of the Institute and secondly, they were a monthly meeting place for the members to hob-nob socially.

When the present membership system began, these meetings became quarterly and so much business had to be transacted that there was no time left for socializing. Therefore, it was felt beneficial to have a Men’s Club for the entertainment of the members where they could gather and mingle in brotherhood. It was decided that all adult male members of the Center were automatically members of the Men’s Club without any additional dues.

To date, this policy has been carefully maintained and members who have made it a habit to attend the monthly meetings have been rewarded by a spirit of friendly cordiality, with a variety of entertainment, fine speakers and novelties which have been provided for them.

The Men’s Club is your club. Make it a habit to attend regularly and get to know your neighbors, and just have fun!

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