Let’s Talk Rabbi

We had a wonderful turnout at our “Rabbi talks” in July, but want to hear from all of our members. If you were unable to attend, we wanted to be sure you have this opportunity to include your thoughts. During the meetings, we discussed the four questions below. We hope you will address these topics in your response.

Please email your responses by August 31st to rabbi20@wjcenter.org.

1. What are the qualities of a perfect Rabbi for you and your family? For the synagogue?

2. What skills are essential for our next Rabbi to have?

3. Is there anything you don’t want in our next Rabbi? Any deal breakers?

4. Walking into WJC in five years, what do you see?

Your email response is confidential and will only be received by Sarene Shanus, Ilana Moskowitz, or Susie Miller. If you prefer to email one of us directly, please contact the office and they will provide a specific email address.

We look forward to receiving your input!

Sarene, Ilana, and Susie

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