Meet a True Heroine: From Kristallnacht to the French Resistance

Lecture with Lore Strauss on Wednesday, December 5 from 7:45-9:00pm

First-hand accounts are far more powerful than history books or films. Given that the Holocaust occurred over 70 years ago, and those that survived are fewer and fewer, it is more important than ever to hear these stories from the people who were there. That is why you should attend a night with Lore Strauss on Wednesday, December 5 from 7:45-9:00pm.
Lore Strauss’ world was turned upside down in November 1938, when Nazi soldiers stormed her family’s Nuremberg house, a home she and her family were never to return to. Listen to her recounting of that night and put yourself in her shoes. Listen to her story and think about how such a thing could happen and if it could happen again, to us or others… What can we learn?

Lore’s incredible story continues with how she hid during World War II, her role as a member of the French resistance, liberation, and then finding a home in the U.S.

Come to hear her riveting story, and bring your friends and family to hear it. It’s not only a testimony to the strength of a brave Jewish woman but to all the Jews who were able to survive the Holocaust.

This event is sponsored by the Holocaust Learning Center in conjunction with the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center and is free of charge.

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