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Preparing for Passover

We are about to embark on preparations for Passover. The next few weeks will be filled with cleaning, schlepping, cooking, learning and the like, in order to assure a festive and meaningful holiday. We would like to remind you of one aspect of preparation that is very important.

Every Jew has a mitzvah to provide special tzedakah before Passover. This tzedakah, called “Maot Chittim” is collected in the weeks before the holiday and quickly distributed to Jews who do not have the means to celebrate Seders or to purchase kosher for Passover food. Such Jews live in poverty in the New York area. There are also Jews who are confined to hospitals and nursing homes. To honor the memory of our teacher, Rabbi Irving Koslowe z”I, a gift will be made to support Jews who are in NY correctional facilities.

In these uncertain times, the need for Maot Chittim is greater than ever. As we busy ourselves to make our holidays delicious and beautiful, we must count the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us. Then we can open our hearts to those who cannot even dream of the blessings that we enjoy.

Our Center has a special WJC Passover Fund. Fulfill the mitzvah and make your contribution early in your Passover plans. The Haggadah tells us to say” ko/ dichfin yeitei v’yeicha/ (all who are hungry, let them come and eat.”) Through your generosity, those words become a reality.

Thank you in advance and hag kasher v’samei’ach.

Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman

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