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Recruiting Officers and Trustees for 2024-25

Dear WJC Congregants,

The Nominating Committee is actively recruiting and selecting Officers and Trustees for the 2024-25 year. As part of that process, we would like your input—you are invited to suggest names for consideration for Officer and Trustee positions at WJC. We are considering candidates for the Trustees whose terms are expiring, though some are eligible for another term, and for those among the Officers who may not continue in their roles next year.

The names and terms of Trustees whose terms are expiring are listed below.

Some of the criteria considered by the Nominating Committee for Trustees are:

  1. Previously demonstrated participation on committees and/or arms;
  2. Demonstrated commitment to WJC and its principles;
  3. Knowledge of and experience in workings of WJC;
  4. Willingness to take a leadership role at WJC; and,
  5. Participation in and attendance at WJC programs, events, fundraisers, etc.

Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee with your recommendations as soon as possible. We are interviewing interested individuals so that we may prepare the proposed slate of Officers and Trustees and notify you of the Committee’s nominations prior to the annual congregational meeting with elections in April.

Thank you for participating in the selection of your lay leadership at WJC.


Trustees whose first terms are expiring and are eligible for a second term:

  • Rebecca Baron
  • Rosie Smith

Trustees whose second terms are expiring and who must retire unless they become officers:

  • Ali Abrahms
  • Danielle Klein
  • Susie Miller
  • Andrea Stoltz
  • Alynn Perl

Trustee who may serve another term because elected initially to fill an unexpired term:

  • Ilana Moskowitz

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