Sefirat Ha-Segelman

By Rabbi Jeffrey M. Arnowitz and the WJC Staff

The period from the second night of Passover to Shavuot is known as Sefirat HaOmer or the Counting of the Omer. Each night, which is the start of the next day on the Hebrew calendar, we number the days and the weeks since leaving Egypt and anticipating receiving the Torah at Sinai. In recognition of the Omer and more importantly in honor of Rabbi Jef and Marla who we will honor at our Virtual Gala on May 17th(if you haven’t signed up or bid on auction item – now’s the time!) what follows is a numbered list about them. Just as we count the days from slavery to redemption, so too let us number the ways the Segelman’s have led us to be the amazing community we are today. We could have gone to 50 like the omer, but instead we went to 33 – Lag B’omer and the number of years the Segelmans have been with WJC:

  1. Rav Jef’s wisdom -the man is always learning and refining his Torah
  2. And Way with words
  3. Masterful participation in the annual Purim Shpeil
  4. Marla and her Mishloach Manot themes
  5. Taught us to like scotch
  6. Their kindness
  7. The humility he exudes always
  8. The Mack Daddy of Torah readers
  9. Have a very positive aura that surrounds them
  10. His tenderness in times of need
  11. Meat kiddush are his favorite
  12. Their family is our family
  13. His constantly putting the needs of WJC before his own
  14. and Marla’s patience with that!
  15. Best cookies in their sukkah
  16. Marla’s warm smile
  17. The way he says, “you’ve probably heard me say this over the years, but…”
  18. …and then gives some amazing Torah that’s nostalgic, but also original
  19. Two unique and loving people
  20. who genuinely care
  21. and listen when someone speaks to them
  22. Always available when need because he works all night
  23. Marla’s stylish high heels (adding to her stature)
  24. The grace he is showing as he retires
  25. and works really hard not to mess up their hair
  26. His passionate and personal eulogies
  27. He’s not the icing on the cake, he’s the cake!
  28. When he shares a blessing, you feel blessed
  29. Their passion for being grandparents
  30. Helping us live better
  31. Making us laugh harder
  32. Modeling how to love always
  33. Now let’s show them some love at this virtual Gala!

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