Shabbat at WJC ~ August 10th-11th

August 10th-11th, 2018
Shabbat Re’eh


7:41pm: Shabbat Candlelighting

7:15pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Service
led by Rabbi Segelman and Cantor Goldberg


Please join us in the Chapel for a lay-led morning of summer davening and learning.

9:30am-12:00pm: Shabbat Services

Gaby Tolchinsky

Torah Leyning
Eddie Reich
Jill Karliner

Sandi Rosenbaum

D’var Torah
Sam Karliner

Cantor Ethan Goldberg

A Sleepy-Time Adon Olam
Lee Scopp and Fern Tannenbaum


7:45pm: Mincha Ma’ariv
Rabbi Segelman will say a brief shiur:
Trivia Question: From which Broadway musical of the ’70s did the late Irene Ryan sing the words, “and give me a month to get ready!”

Youth Services

10:45am: Torah for Tots ~ Early Childhood – Kindergarten, Youth Lounge
Come and share what your family loves about Shabbat! Join us as parents and children together sing songs, clap hands, dance and enjoy learning about Shabbat.

10:45am: Youth Services ~ 1st – 6th Grade, Library
In Parshat Re’eh, the laws of kashrut (keeping kosher) are expounded. We will review these laws after our davening. It will then be followed by a kosher trivia game.

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