Shabbat at WJC ~ June 15th-16th

Shabbat Korah

Korah leads a rebellion against the leadership of Moses and Aaron. After Moses and Aaron triumph in tests of leadership worthiness, Korah and his followers are swallowed up by the ground. The portion also outlines various gifts to be given to the Kohanim.


8:10pm: Shabbat Candlelighting

7:15pm: Kabbalat Shabbat service
led by Rabbi Yolkut and Cantor Goldberg


9:30am-12pm: Shabbat Services
Rabbi Yolkut will deliver the sermon
Topic: Reusable Trauma

8:15pm: Mincha Ma’ariv
Rabbi Yolkut will say a brief shiur.
Topic: The Rock-5 Commentators, 6 Opinions


10:45am: Torah for Tots ~ Early Childhood – Kindergarten, Youth Lounge
What do you like about Shabbat? Is it the challah, the candlesticks or the grape juice? Share what your family loves about Shabbat! Join as parents and children together sing songs, clap our hands, dance, and enjoy learning about Shabbat.

10:45am: Youth Services ~ 1st – 6th Grade, Library
Have you ever been tempted by gossip? Do you think you have a good sense of right and wrong? In this week’s Parshat Korah, the princes of the tribes are tempted by Korah to overthrow Moses. Will they do it or refuse? What would you do if Korah were whispering in your ear? After our morning tefillot, we will put your character to the test!

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