Shabbat at WJC ~ June 22nd-23rd

Shabbat Hukkat

The portion begins with the peculiar case of the red heifer. Immediately following, we learn of Miriam’s death. The people complain about not having water, and Moses responds angrily. Aaron also dies, and his son Eleazar becomes the High Priest, only to face attacking snakes which he wards off using a gigantic copper snake pendant.



8:12pm: Shabbat Candlelighting

7:15pm: Kabbalat Shabbat service
led by Rabbi Yolkut and Cantor Goldberg


9:30am-12pm: Shabbat Services
Rabbi Yolkut will deliver the sermon
Topic: The Secret Snakes

10:15am: Simple & Soulful
with Cantor Goldberg and Cantor Rosenbaum
Let your spirit soar in a focused Shabbat morning service featuring personal reflection, group prayer and song accompanied by instruments

11:45am: Shevet Achim Gam Yachad
We come together for the conclusion of the morning service

8:15pm: Mincha Ma’ariv
Rabbi Yolkut will say a brief shiur.
Topic: Bilaam the One-Eyed

Youth Services

10:45am: Torah for Tots ~ Early Childhood – Kindergarten, Youth Lounge
Our first summer Shabbat is here and it is time for us to celebrate! Families are invited to dance, sing and join together for our Tot Shabbat experience.

10:45am: Youth Services ~ 1st – 6th Grade, Library
In this week’s Parasha, Hukkat, we read how God commanded Moshe to speak to the rock to get water. Instead, Moshe hit the rock. God tells him that since he didn’t follow the directions he will not lead the Jewish people into Israel. In Youth Services we will explore this story further and play an “instruction following” game.

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