Shabbat at WJC ~ June 29th-30th


June 29th-30th, 2018

Shabbat Balak

The King of Moab hires Bilaam, a local priest, to curse the Israelites. On his way, Balaam is chastised by his talking donkey. When he arrives at the appointed site, every time he tries to curse the people, the curses come out of his mouth as blessings. Then, the Israelites fall under the spell of local cultic practices until our resident zealot Pinhas takes matters into his own hands. The famed Priestly Blessing is included in this portion.


8:12pm: Shabbat Candlelighting

7:15pm: Kabbalat Shabbat service
led by Rabbi Yolkut and Cantor Goldberg


9:30am-12pm: Shabbat Services
Interactive learning with Rabbi Yolkut: “Bilaam: Good or Evil?”

8:15pm: Mincha Ma’ariv
Cantor Goldberg will say a brief shiur
Topic: What Not to Learn from the Actions of Pinchas


10:45am: Torah for Tots ~ Early Childhood – Kindergarten, Youth Lounge
Shabbat is here! We’re so glad Shabbat is here! Come share what your family loves about Shabbat. Parents and children sing songs, clap our hands and dance as we join together to enjoy learning about Shabbat.

10:45am: Youth Services ~ 1st – 6th Grade, Library
In this week’s parasha, Balak, we hear the story of the evil king of Moab, a wizard named Bilaam, and a talking donkey. We will discuss this story and explore the origin of one of our central prayers, Mah Tovu. We will also learn how we can embody key concepts of this prayer.

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