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Shabbat Shalom ~ Chukat-Balak

Dear WJC Family,

I hope that this has been a good and healthy week for you and your families.
As we prepare for Shabbat, I call you attention to a change in our Friday evening experience together. As you will see below, we are going to offer a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat service at 5:45pm. Come and sing the beautiful melodies that have welcomed Shabbat throughout the ages. It is also our honor to have a very special guest leader.

On Shabbat morning, we have the privilege to read two Torah portions, Chukat and Balak. As they begin, the Torah has fast-forwarded 39 years and our ancestors are concluding their time in the desert and are approaching the land of Israel. Our parshas speak of the final trials of their wandering including the deaths of Miriam and Aaron, the siblings of Moses, and the interesting and instructive confrontations that we encountered with the nations on the border of the Promised Land.

I hope that you will join us as we stream the Shabbat morning Torah reading and Musaf service beginning at 10:00am.

And at the conclusion of Shabbat, please join me as we sing Havdalah at 9:20am.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Segelman

Summer Davening

Summer davening begins this Shabbat. Though there will be fewer congregants participating, it will still be a lovely and meaningful summer of Shabbats. Today you can click below to hear Jennifer Tobenstein deliver a D’var Torah, and at services, tune in to hear Dina Nelson and Ben Levy read Torah, Glenn Applebaum chant the haftarah and Sam Levy lead Musaf. Please email Cindy Heller if you want to attend Shabbat morning services in person this week or any week this summer.


July 3-4, 2020

Torah for Tots
Friday at 4:30pm
Little ones along with their grown up are invited to join our Torah for Tots leader, Jill Rivel for an age-appropriate pre-Shabbat experience. Together we will sing songs, read a special story, and welcome Shabbat together.
Join us via Zoom:
When signing onto Zoom please have your device labeled with our child’s name.


Youth Services
Friday at 4:30pm
Join us for a Zoomy Shabbat experience! We invite WJC kids Pre-B’nei Mitzvah age to join us for our pre-Shabbat service led by our Religious School teacher and Shabbat leader, Julie BenAvram.
Join us via Zoom:


Kabbalat Shabbat Service Live Stream
Friday at 5:45pm
Beginning tonight, our Friday evening format will change. We welcome Shabbat with the psalms, prayers, and songs of the traditional Kabbalat Shabbat Service. This week, we are honored to have Seth Schafler, the president of WJC, lead us. We will be using the Sim Shalom Siddur—as we do on Shabbat morning. If you need one, we offer it you as a gift to you. Simply come by the shul and they are available in the foyer. Take one with our blessings.
Join us via Zoom:


Havdalah with the WJC Clergy
Saturday at 9:20pm
Join us as we say goodbye to the quiet of Shabbat with the beautiful symbols and music of havdalah!
Join us via Zoom:


Saturday Morning Service Live Stream
Saturday at 10:00am
Join us for Saturday morning services live streaming from the WJC Chapel. The service will start at 10:00am with the Torah service, so please pray the Shacharit/Morning service on your own prior to that. Siddurim and Chumashim are available for pick up at the upper entrance to the synagogue.

For instructions on how to log in before Shabbat to avoid violations of Shabbat practice, click here. If set up properly, there should be no need to touch your computer on Shabbat itself.

Join us via Zoom:

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