Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Arnowitz

Dear WJC Family,
There is so much to talk about this week. Between the low-simmering war going between Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the tragic school shooting in Santa Clarita, CA. I hope you are keeping abreast of the situations and will join me in prayers for health, safety, and comfort for all involved. Still, rather than compose a longer message to address those things, I had already decided to try something different this week.
Some of our snowbirds have requested that I share my Saturday talks in these messages since they will miss them while in Florida. It took a little time to get up and running, but if you click on the video link at the end of this message, you will see my recap of my message from last Saturday. I will do my best to attach such a video whenever I am delivering the Saturday sermon, so keep your eyes out for them.
This week, however, Rabbi Segelman will be delivering the sermon. It is entitled, “Final Thoughts on the Meaning of the Binding of Issac.” I will be giving the D’var Torah on Friday evening and Rabbi Segelman will teach the mincha/ma’ariv shiur entitled, “Buying Your Burial Plots and Other Cemetery Issues.” And exciting news: Rabbi Adir will be back with us this Shabbat and he will be teaching the Saturday 8:45am Torah Class—so this would be a great week to come and learn with him!
Make sure you look at all the great programs coming up here and around the community like Mitzvah Day on Sunday, the Annual Interfaith Breakfast where Rabbi Segelman will give the keynote address and The Night of Jewish Learning and Celebration on Saturday night, November 23, where I will be teaching.
See you in shul,

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