Shabbat Shalom ~ Korach 2023

Dear WJC Family,
Tami and I are so excited to celebrate with you this Shabbat as our son Gabi becomes a bar mitzvah. As you’ve probably noticed, I start each of these weekly messages with “Dear WJC Family,” and every once in a while it is nice to explain how much those words mean to me. Part of being a congregational rabbi is getting to be an honorary part of your families often at the best times, the simchas, and sometimes during the worst times. Whatever the occasion, I do not take the trust or the privilege for granted, and it is a special honor when we can reciprocate by sharing our simcha with you, our congregational family. We sincerely hope that you are able to come celebrate with us as family.

A few people asked me if it was okay to come if they did not rsvp. The answer is absolutely-positively-it’s not even a question-don’t be silly. We sent the invitation so you would know we truly desire your presence to amplify our joy and so we would know about how many people to expect. If for some reason you did not have a chance to rsvp or your plans changed and now you’d like to come, please come! All are welcome for the service and the Kiddish Luncheon to follow. In fact, you are more than welcome; you are encouraged to join us.

We certainly understand that some people would like to be able to join us, but are unable. We want to thank all of you who have sent nice messages and blessings with your regrets. How lucky are we to be in such a beautiful, loving community? Thank you.

For those of you who will be joining us, Kiddush will be in the gym and the activity center and weather permitting, a few tables will be set up outside as well. There will also be staff on hand to facilitate games and activities for kids age 2 to 2nd grade in the youth lounge (and maybe the Reception Room once the guys get it reset as a play area after the service).

May this shared simcha be a sign of good fortune to come for us all (Siman tov u’mazal tov),

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