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Shabbat Shalom ~ Noah 2023

Dear WJC Family,

As the situation in Israel—the grieving, the recovery efforts, the war and the hostage crisis—wear on, it is so important that we continue to stand by, stand with and stand up for our brothers and sisters in Israel. Not only is it a great mitzvah to make sure that the people of Israel know they do not stand alone against terrorism, it is also empowering for us at a time that we might feel helpless to make a difference.

Here are just a few of the many efforts going on at WJC and the area that you can support:

  1. Say Kaddish for the sheloshim, 30-day period of mourning, for one of the fallen who have no kaddishel, someone left to say kaddish for him or her. Here are the names of some of those who need a kaddish:
    1. Eitan Kaptisher
    2. Aviv, Livnat, Rotem, Yonatan and Yiftach Kotz
    3. Yonatan Siman Tov and Tamar Kedem Siman Tov, and their children Shahar, Arbel, and Omer.

Coming to services on a weekday to help make a minyan and pray with your community can be healing in its own right. If you did not see our Spiritual Life Committee Chair Tracey Levy’s incredible letter about that, you can view it by clicking here.

  1. Attend a rally or briefing. There are lots happening all around the area and being present and up-to-date on developments is helpful. I felt comforted and empowered standing with thousands in Time Square last night at the “Bring Them Home” rally for the release of captives (pictured at left). To see what’s going on around the community, click here.
  2. Donate to any of the large funds helping in different ways: The UJA Federation Israel Emergency Fund, Magen David Adom and Friend of the IDF. Or to help with more local causes, donate to our own Israel Assistance Fund – we have so far donated nearly $10,000 to small grassroots support efforts.
  3. Write to your elected officials, including President Biden, to encourage them to support Israel Solidarity Legislation and Funding Bills to make sure Israel gets the aid President Biden is requesting. You can do so easily by texting Israel to 24722, clicking the link you receive and following a few simple instructions.
  4. Register for our Benefit Concert with WJC’s own Neshama Carlebach on November 5th at 7pm – details here.

We know this has all been incredibly difficult for you in many different ways. If you just need to talk or connect, your clergy is here for you. Please drop us a line or stop in.

And don’t forget, one really nice way to feel supported and give support is to come together for a peaceful Shabbat in shul. I hope you will join us this Friday night and/or Saturday – our Rabbinic Intern Claire Shoyer will be in town to introduce the Torah reading on Saturday and will be teaching the Shabbat Mincha Shiur on Saturday afternoon – come welcome and learn with her!

Am Yisrael Chai and See you in shul,

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