Shabbat Shalom ~ Rosh Hashanah

Dear WJC Family,

L’Shanah Tovah! As 5783 departs and we welcome 5784, we are excited to gather for the celebration of the New Year. As we have mentioned in previous messages, we have made some changes to services based on the feedback from last year, mostly from the post-High Holiday survey (so don’t forget to take the time to fill one out after these High Holidays—your opinion matters and we strive to continue to improve the meaningful experience for as many people as possible).

I want to highlight a couple of pieces of information so that no one is caught off guard:

1. The timing of the rabbi’s sermon in the main sanctuary has changed. This year Larry Thaler will deliver the president’s address at around 10:40am and the rabbi’s sermon will be around 11:35am. This change was made so that people at the Family Service will have time to come in and hear the rabbi’s sermon if they so choose.

2. There are sunshine and rain locations for all services. So, if the weather does not cooperate, there will be an indoor space for all services.

3. We have worked really hard to ensure that either Rabbi Dalton or I will be on the bimah in the main sanctuary for all of our services. To help make it happen we are excited to welcome WJC member Rabbi Jennifer Tobenstein as rabbi of the Study Service. As such, the speaking schedule will be:

Day 1 

Sanctuary Service – Rabbi Arnowitz
Study Service – Rabbi Tobenstein

Day 2

Sanctuary Service – Rabbi Dalton
Study Service – Rabbi Arnowitz

4. The Extended one hour and fifteen minute Family Service, designed to be meaningful for the whole family, will only meet Saturday, the first day of Rosh Hashanah. On Sunday, the second day, the service will be shorter (a half an hour or so) and designed more for the kids’ experience only. Please see the HIgh Holiday schedule for more details.

5. Just a reminder that because Rosh Hashanah Day 1 is a Saturday, there will be no shofar blowing in the synagogue. Come Sunday to hear the shofar.

6. Also, the Tashlich Ritual of throwing bread in the Sound to carry away our sins also gets deferred for Shabbat. Tashlich will take place on Sunday at 5:15.

7. Lastly, just a reminder in advance that for Yom Kippur – there will be the regular Yizkor Memorial Service with brief introductory remarks as part of the Yom Kippur Morning Service. The sermon will occur after this and will not necessarily be Yizkor themed. A special Yizkor Memorial Service will also take place Yom Kippur afternoon, at 4:15. At that service Rabbi Arnowitz will deliver a special, unique Yizkor message.

I hope that helps clarify a few things. If you have any remaining questions, please call the synagogue today to get answers.

Wishing you all health and happiness in the New Year,

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