Sisterhood: Making The Omer Count

Each one of us has a different story, we are different people. Yet each of us, together, is about to experience our one year milestone of living through a pandemic. Lots of emotions may come with this. I hope what I will share with you below may give each one of you the peace and support you may need during this unprecedented, year long moment in our lives…

Thank you for being such a warm and rewarding community over the last two years and, particularly, during the pandemic; your attention, participation, and kindness has enriched my life innumerably.

As I’ve mentioned, when I became President of Sisterhood, I chose to make nearly all programs free, knowing my true goal was community building and learning. However, we also have been donating money to both WJC and local community services in significant ways. But… Free programs + charity = Money

Because of this, I ask each of you, Sisterhood Member or not, man or woman, to participate in supporting our Spring Sisterhood Fundraiser: “Making The Omer Count.”

I am a Jewish educator (former day school teacher and director of education of synagogues), having received my masters from The Jewish Theological Seminary Of America 15 years ago. I am also a mindfulness practitioner for almost a decade and currently training with Pause to be Present in their Mindfulness Teacher Training and Certification Program. This year, I’ve created for you, (your friends, neighbors and family), a meditative guide, which coincides with the counting of the Omer, called Making The Omer Count.

Each year, between Passover and Shavuot, observant Jews count the 49 days between the two holidays as a symbolic spiritual preparation to commemorate the receiving of the Torah on Mt Sinai, which we celebrate on Shavuot. How often has each of us taken on that spiritual preparation? And even if we were inclined to do so, would we know how?

Please join me in our fundraiser, Making The Omer Count, in which we provide you with a daily spiritual guide to gain clarity, self awareness and joy.

Pledge as little as $0.36 per day (x 50 days), or more and commit to both our Sisterhood and your own personal strength and growth.

As our theme for the year is from strength to strength, we are committed to your gaining mental and spiritual strength from our project.

Each day, you will receive a meditation and brief mental exercise to begin your day with a new, positive perspective. After our 50 day counting is complete, you will receive the daily collection as a completed virtual guide.

I invite you all to Make The Omer Count this year.

To participate in this beautiful fundraiser, please register by emailing and pledge your fundraising goal (payment via check to The WJC Sisterhood, PayPal, or Zelle)

$0.36/day x 50 days = $18
$0.54/day x 50 days = $27
$0.72/day x 50 days = $36
$1.00/day x 50 days = $50

*Value Sisterhood but don’t want to participate? Please feel free to make a financial contribution, separate from receiving our guide.

If you know a loved one who would benefit from this, please send me their email address and a contribution in their honor, and we would be delighted to include them.

While the concept of counting the Omer is a Jewish one, the meditations offered are universally appreciated and you don’t have to be Jewish to find value from this.

Praise for Making The Omer Count:
“The Omer counting between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot is a traditional time for reflection and focus, as our numbering of the days mirrors the steps the People of Israel took between leaving Egypt and arriving at Mt. Sinai. Particularly in this unique year and with all we’ve been dealing with, these meditations can help us to find the focus we may be missing and to arrive at Shavuot prepared for the year ahead.” – Rabbi Arnowitz

“Thank you Glenna for creating this incredible resource to help us all connect ancient wisdom and Jewish spirituality to our modern lives. This daily guide is full of wonderful wisdom, practical tools, personal reflections, and beautiful meditations to help us lead happier and more meaningful lives.” – Cheryl Brause, Co-Founder of Pause to be Present

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