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Summer Davening with Rabbi Arnowitz

Summer davening continues this Shabbat. We are so thrilled to be davening once again in our beautiful Sanctuary. This will be our first time using new technology in the sanctuary, so we apologize in advance for any technical issues. We are working to improve in anticipation of future Shabbatot and the High Holidays, so we welcome your constructive feedback.

Though there are fewer congregants participating, it has been a lovely and meaningful summer of Shabbats. Today, you can click on this email to hear Rabbi Arnowitz deliver his D’var Torah after being on a well-deserved vacation and, at services, tune in to hear Dan Rosenbaum read Torah, Sandi Rosenbaum chant the haftarah, and Larry Thaler lead Musaf. 
We also extend a big welcome to Rabbi Cornelia Dalton who will celebrate her first Shabbat with us. Please email Cindy Heller if you want to attend Shabbat morning services in person tomorrow or other Shabbats in August; “reservations” are necessary though we have more seats available in the Sanctuary.

Torah Talk for Vaetchanan-Nahamu 2020

The Comfort of a Generous Heart

Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Live Stream
Friday at 5:45pm
We welcome Shabbat with the psalms, prayers, and songs of the traditional Kabbalat Shabbat Service. We will be using the Sim Shalom Siddur—as we do on Shabbat morning. If you need one, we offer it you as a gift to you. Simply come by the shul and they are available in the foyer. Take one with our blessings.
Join us via Zoom:

Saturday Morning Service Live Stream
Saturday at 10:00am
Join us for Saturday morning services live streaming from our beautiful Sanctuary. The service will start at 10:00am with the Torah service, so please pray the Shacharit/Morning service on your own prior to that. Siddurim and Chumashim are available for pick up at the upper entrance to the synagogue.

Join us via our new live steaming service:

Please note: We are using our new streaming service in the main sanctuary for the first time this Saturday. Please be patient as we work through technical issues to ensure a high-quality stream.

**Before Shabbat on Friday night, go to and click play. The stream will be live at that time and become active upon the start of Shabbat services on Saturday morning.

For instructions on how to log in before Shabbat to avoid violations of Shabbat practice, click here. If set up properly, there should be no need to touch your computer on Shabbat itself.

Havdalah with the WJC Clergy
Saturday at 9:15pm
Join us as we say goodbye to the quiet of Shabbat with the beautiful symbols and music of havdalah!
Join us via Zoom:

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