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Tevaland: Creating Connections for Animals

Aleza Kulp Educational Director & Program Coordinator

Virtual Field Trip

Sunday, October 18

On Shabbat October 17, we read from parshat Noah. We are reminded that Noah and his family took care of the animals, birds, reptiles, and insects for an entire year! Each day Noah and his family put aside their own needs and desires to tend to those of the animals.

Today, I am sure many of us know of a family member or friend that has adopted a pet this year. But, what happens to animals that are not adopted? What happens to animals that have grown up on a farm and are no longer easy to take care of?

Many of these animals, sadly, are abandoned with no one to take care of their needs. Thankfully, there is a place right here in New York that has opened their hearts and minds to all living creatures similar to the way Noah and his family did on the ark. These animals live at Tevaland Sanctuary Farm and Educational Center.

Many of our families may know Taly Ron and Doton Pollak from their days teaching in our Religious School, working at Carmel Academy, or here, at WJC, leading our 2nd – 3rd grade service on the High Holidays. Over six years ago, Taly and Doton put their dedicated and creative minds together and created Tevaland. Taly and Doton (also known as Farmer D) have created connections between people and animals through education.

I hope Sunday, October 18, our children in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade will join us for a virtual field trip to Tevaland! We will learn with Taly and Farmer D and learn all about this amazing farm and the rescued animals. During the month of November, we will be also inviting children in 2nd – 4th grade to a 3-week elective with Taly and Doton. VIEW THE EVENT

Through the educational programs, I hope the youth in our community will create connections with all living creatures in the same way Noah did on the ark.

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