It’s October and the Early Childhood Center is in full swing. We thought it would be a great idea to share the ABCs of our ECC to give you an overview of how we support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth right here at WJC!

Available—our staff are always there to answer questions or lend a listening ear.

Bonds—we develop between staff, children, and families.

Children—are the reason we’re all here.

Dedication—describes our commitment to our children and their families.

Education—age appropriate, engaging, and fun.

Family—we have the best at WJC!

Greatest—hands down our ECC is the best.

Humor—we encourage laughter, giggles, and joy every single day.

Intentional—everything we do has intention and planning.

Judaism—central to everything we do in the ECC.

Kindness—is practiced every day.

Love—in endless amounts.

Mensches—we inspire our kids to be decent and honorable human beings.

Nuts—are not permitted in our school.

Optimal—we provide a favorable learning environment for children.

Paint—all kinds, but glitter paint is a student-favorite.

Qualified—our staff is trained and educated in Early Childhood Education.

Ruach—we have lots of positive spirit.

Smiles—lots of them!

Teachers—the heart and soul of our ECC.

Unforgettable—the kind of memories we make together.

Values—we practice healthy ones.

Welcome—everyone is welcome in our ECC.

Xylophone—we have them in the classrooms!

Youthful—the students keep all of the adults young at heart.

Zoo—it sometimes feels this way, but we control the chaos! 

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