The Perfect Recipe for a Successful ECC

I’d like to start by thanking you for the thoughtful welcome many of you have bestowed upon me these past few months. I’ve already begun to experience a genuinely warm and hamish feel at WJC in this short period of time!

As we embark on a new school year with me as your new ECC director, I understand we really don’t know each other very well-yet! I know it isn’t easy, but I am going to ask that you trust me. I don’t want you to trust me only because of my education, experience, or reputation. I’m asking you to trust me because of what I believe in and learned over the years.

A high-quality Early Childhood Center recognizes children as constructivist learners; views children as capable and competent human beings; values directors as visionary; respects teachers as professionals; and embraces parents as partners in their children’s education and well-being.

Children are individuals with an extraordinary wealth of inborn abilities and potential. They are active participants in the development of their identities, autonomy, and creative intelligence.

Staff are the heart and soul of the school. They should be recognized for their vision, their delight in children, their skill, dedication, knowledge, and commitment to families.

Families are respected for their bonds and traditions, their commitment to career, home and community, and their expectations for their children’s education. Families should be encouraged to embrace Judaism at a level comfortable for them.

Curriculum in a high-quality Early Childhood Center must be a well-balanced combination of school readiness skills and social-emotional learning. I don’t subscribe to a single curriculum approach. I believe in adopting pieces of the best early childhood curricula in order to create optimal learning opportunities for all children. Approaches to learning may vary by individual learning styles in order to meet each child’s needs.

My responsibility to you goes far beyond the day to day survival of our ECC. I aspire to be a master communicator and a highly personable, proactive multitasker who invests time in establishing relationships and building community. I recognize the crucial role staff play in the reputation and success of our program and will act as their mentor and coach. As your new director, I will guide the ECC with dignity, wisdom, passion, devotion, and have the energy and determination to nourish our wonderful school.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve this wonderful and dynamic community. Wishing you health, happiness, peace, and joy in the new year.


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