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The Top Five Reasons To Try Israeli Dancing at WJC


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” – Martha Graham

Learn the language of the soul and body with Israeli dancing at WJC. Reap the health and spiritual benefits as you:

1. Raise Your Jewish Spirituality. Israeli dance is unique, featuring prayers and words from the Torah, set to music and interpreted through choreography. The movement that accompanies the music brings an extra level of spirituality. Just as music has raised our spirituality at WJC, movement does the same.

2. Yes, You Can Do It. While the word “dance” may evoke images of ballet, modern, etc., and the complex steps involved, with Israeli dance, there are no plies, no bachata. Israeli dance steps are variations of walking. If you can walk, you can Israeli dance; no doubt about it! You can do it!

3. Israeli Dance Will Improve Your Health. Studies have shown that Israeli dancing improves one’s physical and mental health.Its aerobic, offering two hours of movement and cardio, with much less stress on the joints. In addition, medical studies show that this type of dance exercise delays the onset of dementia. Dance L’Chaim – to life!

4. Israeli Dance At WJC Will Make You Learned. Shmulik Gov-Ari, our Israeli instructor is the son of a rabbi. As he teaches new dances, he often goes over the origin of the song, and what the choreographer was trying to convey. Besides the spirituality and health benefits, each evening you walk away a little smarter about our prayers, the Torah and Israeli history. Like a d’var Torah with fun!

5. Meet A Great Group of P1eople. People who get off the couch to attend Israeli dance are friendly. Come as you are, casual and comfortable. Don’t be concerned with how you will “look” as you learn the dance steps. We are not judgmental (we’ve all been there).

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