[Video] Kol Kol Seder of Inclusion for Every Voice

Feed your soul as we commemorate the Israelites’ journey from slavery to freedom, and in the same moment free ourselves from isolation, and be acknowledged and heard in our connection to each other, to our community and to the Jewish people. Led by Rabbi Dalton and Hazzan Ellen Miller Arad. 

Moments of interest with time stamps:

  • Sheheheyanu & Kiddush, 12:24
  • What is this bread of affliction? 27:53
  • Poem by Rabbi Rachel Rosenblatt, 51:27
  • Man Come Into Egypt, 52:56
  • Rabbi Arnowitz on Hand-Washing (Rachatz) 1:04:03
  • Cantor Ethan and Rabbi Shoshi Levin-Goldberg, Hallel, 1:30:13

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