[Video]Travel to Jewish Paris

Join us for a virtual tour of Jewish Paris —live from the Marais neighborhood with our tour guide, Flora! Learn about the history of the Jews after they were expelled from France in 1394, at the French Revolution, and during the 19th century. Hear about the famous Dreyfus case, and other stories of when antisemitism was developed, at the same time as when the Jews were assimilating in France and great wealthy families became very successful in France (the Rothschilds, the Camondos…)

Learn about, and walk through, the history in Le Marais, the Jewish area, which is a beautiful old part of the city. We visit a synagogue, see commemorative plaques which commemorate WWII, and we talk about the occupation of Paris, while discovering the quaint, narrow streets of le Marais. 

Brought to you by the WJC World Jewry Committee and Sisterhood.

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