Virtual Services for March 16 to March 19

Sunday-Thursday, 7:00pm
WJC Evening Community Time
There was such an overwhelming appreciation for being together Friday and Saturday evenings that we are adding a regular evening gathering. It’s a 15-20 minute opportunity to be together with our community and clergy for a song, prayer, story or meditation. Appropriate for all ages.
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Tuesday 9:45-10:45am
Tuesday Morning Torah with Rabbi Arnowitz
Our regular deep dive into the weekly portion with Rabbi Arnowitz.
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Wednesday 8:15am
Wednesday Morning An Abbreviated Instrumental Shacharit
with Cantors Ethan and Shoshi
A Morning Minyan with music and spirit provided by the cantors of Westchester Jewish Center and Temple Israel Center
Please note: This service is not halachically valid for the recitation of Mourner’s Kaddish.
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Thursday 7:30pm
Thursday Night “Saturday Morning Torah” with Rabbi Segelman
Every Saturday Morning Rabbi Segelman teaches an amazing class on the Torah portion or a topic relevant to the day. Since we cannot gather on Saturday mornings, we will be convening the class virtually on Thursday evenings.
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Please note: Our Hebrew School virtual schedule is extensive, and will be communicated to parents in separate emails. Our ECC is also working on virtual activities that will be sent directly to ECC families.

Community Offerings

Weekday mornings:
Beth El Synagogue Center Minyan/Mishnah Yomi
Minyan/Mishnah Yomi 
As shuls close across the country, it looks unlikely that those in need of saying kaddish, even virtually, will be able to do so. That being said, there is a custom during the 12 months of mourning, or on a yahrtzeit, to learn Mishnah in the memory of the deceased. The letters of the word Mishnah (mem-shin-nun-heh) when rearranged spell the word neshamah (nun-shin-mem-heh), soul. Therefore, we learn Mishnah to elevate the souls of those we wish to remember. Over the next few weeks, we will offer the opportunity for a twice-daily, 10-minute Mishnah study with Rabbis Schuck and Sitkin (and perhaps even some surprise guest teachers!). We will then have an opportunity to share the names of our loved ones aloud and recite a communal prayer together in their memory.

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