Virtual Services for the Week of April 20

Mondays at 9:30am

Six Weeks of Learning with the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem (two three-week courses) starting April 20
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All sessions will be recorded and sent out later Monday (see below for today’s).

First three Mondays: “Meaningful Prayer in Challenging Moments” with Rabbi Daniel Silverstein 

Bringing our Whole Self into Prayer—sources from the Tanach, ancient rabbis, Kabbalists and Chasidic masters on overcoming the many doubts, anxieties, distractions and other hindrances which impede our prayer experience, not by ignoring or dismissing them, but by bringing them into our prayers. 

Second three weeks: TBD, but the general topic “Insights about Health and Healing from the Bible” with Bex Stern Rosenblatt

If you missed this morning’s session, you can watch it via the link below:

**The password is: CY@WJCclass1

If you watch the class recording and want to ask questions, email them to and Rabbi Arnowitz will pass them along to Rabbi Silverstein.

April 20 at 7:30pm
Yom HaShoah Commemoration

A Virtual Commemoration on this most solemn evening. We will light the Memorial in the WJC Sanctuary and recite the special Memorial Prayer for victims/martyrs of the Shoah. Following the lighting ceremony Rabbi Segelman will teach in honor of the day. The lesson will be entitled, “A Mezuzah on 16 Varniu Street in the Kovno Ghetto.”
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Tuesdays at 9:45am
Torah Talk with Rabbi Arnowitz

Torah Talk resumes with a deep dive into the weekly Torah portion (Tazria-Metzora) – This week’s theme, Jewish perspectives on disease and healing.
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Thursday at 7:45-9:00pm
Rabbi Segelman’s “Saturday Morning Torah” on Thursday Nights

Rabbi Segelman will teach on the topic, “We May Not Be Able To Control Everything, But We Can Control Our Words. (and that’s important!)”
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Friday at 2:00pm
Let’s Challah

Join Tami Arnowitz to make challah dough together. You can follow along with her as she makes her favorite recipe (see below) or make your own favorite recipe. It’s an opportunity to be together while preparing the delicious challah that will feed our bodies and our neshamot (souls) for Shabbat. We will make the dough together and then give instructions and suggestions on letting it rise, braid and bake. 
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Click here for the recipe.

Prayer Services and Opportunities to say Kaddish

Wednesday at 8:00am
An Abbreviated Instrumental Shacharit with Cantors Ethan and Shoshi

A Morning Minyan with music and spirit provided by the cantors of Westchester Jewish Center and Temple Israel Center.
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Weekdays and Sundays, 8:00am

Please note: The minyan will be led by one of our clergy, and it is not the same as saying kaddish with a physical minyan. When this crisis passes, we will return to the requirement of a minyan with ten people physically in attendance together to make a minyan.
On Tuesday and Thursday Rabbi Segelman will teach his regular after-minyan study session for 30-45 minutes. Just stay on the Zoom after the service to participate
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Sunday-Thursday, 7:00pm
WJC Evening Community Time

There was such an overwhelming appreciation for being together Friday and Saturday evenings that we are adding a regular evening gathering. It’s a 15-20 minute opportunity to be together with our community and clergy for a song, prayer, story or meditation. Appropriate for all ages.
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Missed our Yizkor service?

Here is a link to the video recording, if you would like to say a brief Yizkor at home.

**The password is: PassoverYizkor1@WJC

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