With Gratitude from our Gala Honorees

To Our WJC Family and Friends,

We were so humbled for the honor bestowed upon us on the night of June 11th at the “Night at the Riviera” gala. Thank you so much for the donations you made in our name, your good wishes and kind words to make that night so endearing to us. As you know, the WJC has been a very special place for us for 30 years. And, the friends we’ve made there are very special to us. We feel so honored and blessed with the recognition you have given us. Truth be told – we actually get back far more than we give.

We must express our deep-felt thanks to Joanna and Lauren (fabulous co-chairs) for creating such a unique and spectacular Gala event the year. Their dedication in making the “Night at The Riviera” a resounding success was truly heroic.

—Judy and Howard Zweig

WJC Friends and Family,

Throughout our experience at Night at the Riviera, we found ourselves marveling at all the love and positive spirit in that room, as well as our shared appreciation for being part of the WJC community. It was a night we won’t soon forget. A particular thanks to co-chairs Joanna Shlesinger and Lauren Sholder, for the creativity and time they devoted to making the event such a success, along with everyone who served on the planning committee. And thank you to each person who bought a ticket, whether for admission or the raffle; who placed an ad in the journal; and who bid at the auction. Finally, we wish to express our admiration for Glenna Lee, and for Judy and Howard Zweig, whose efforts make WJC the place we all want to celebrate.

—Sharon Weinstock and Jacques Steinberg

Dear WJC Community,

Thank you for the myriad of ways you all celebrated this year’s Night at The Riviera Fundraiser; whether through the journal, a donation, a ticket, or a warm exchange, your contribution to this special occasion and our community is appreciated and felt fully.

Looking forward to more joyful occasions in the year to come! It was a joy to celebrate with you!
—Glenna Lee

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