With Love & Best Dishes: Have I got a HACK for you!

Well, 2 Hacks actually. When we posted the hack about how to clean a can opener the wonderful chairs of the cookbook committee each contributed a hack of her own.

Hack #1

Did you know that the hole in your pot handle has not one but TWO purposes?!?!?

  1. It’s a great way to hang your pots to save space or for decoration in your kitchen
  2. it can be used to hold the utensil you’re cooking with. You just slide the handle of the utensil into the hole, which will prop it up and allow it to drip over the pot or pan instead of the stove.

Hack #2

Here’s a handy chart to reference when you’re looking to boil eggs. Sometimes you want the middle really done, other times a little softer.

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