WJC General COVID Protocols (March 2022)

  • These protocols apply solely to WJC religious services and general synagogue activities.
  • Protocols for WJC schools and for activities presenting special considerations will be addressed separately.
  • These protocols are subject to continual review and modification at any time as circumstances warrant.

Mask Policy

Effective March 7, 20022, mask-wearing at regular WJC events will be optional.

Vaccination Policy

All WJC staff are subject to vaccination requirements set forth in WJC employee vaccination policy.

Individuals ages 12 and above: For the safety and comfort of the congregation, all eligible persons ages 12 and above must be fully vaccinated to attend religious services, programs, or other WJC activities in the building. We reserve the right to request proof of vaccination at our discretion.

Those who are not fully vaccinated may attend outdoor programming in accordance with the masking policy set forth above.

We will continue to provide access to our services and many of our programs virtually through Zoom and/or live stream.

Communication Policy

All events being held at the synagogue will have the location and mask policy included in the event promotional material, on the website, and in the calendar so that there will be clarity regarding the policy at any event at which you may be considering attending.

Our current Covid-19 Protocols will be available on the website and accessible with one click. Signs will be posted at any entrance being used announcing our masking and vaccination policies.

Bnei Mitzvah families will be asked to send masking and vaccination policies to their guests before an event.

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