WJC High Holiday Prayer Book Dedications

 Members have the opportunity to dedicate one or more copies of our High Holiday prayer book, Mahzor Lev Shalem, in a loved one’s memory or in their honor. These dedications will be recognized on the inside cover of the prayer book. The dedication is $36.00 per book. 

You may select the same dedication for several books or choose as many dedications as you wish for different books. If you need pages for additional dedications, please make copies of this page or ask the office for additional copies. 

 5782 Dedications must be received by September 15.


Name format options: Jane Smith; Mr. and Mrs. John Smith; Jane and John Smith: The Smith Family, Jane, John, Harriet, and Henry
Format options: In honor of our children Harriet and Henry; In memory of our parents Olivia and James Smith and Nick and Nora Doe
Price: $36.00

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