WJC High Holiday Ushering Requests 2021

 One aspect of the High Holidays that is very important is the ability for our members and guests to reconnect with friends in the WJC community. Spending an hour at the door, in the hallway, or reminding people that it’s time to come to the Bimah for their honors adds a critical ingredient that helps our services run smoothly. It also gives you the opportunity to greet fellow members whom you might otherwise miss on our big, busy campus. And it’s a great way to break up the many hours that we spend together in prayer and reflection. 

With over 2,000 worshipers on the campus, many ushers are needed. The most important skill needed to be a greeter is to be welcoming! If congregants have questions about their Bimah honors, greeters direct them to the honors coordinators who are available at all times for assistance. Many stations require two ushers – why not sign up to work with a friend? 

Please indicate below which day and time you are available to volunteer. The more flexibility you offer in time preferences, the more we can accommodate all requests. 


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