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WJC Kids ~ Join the Sanctuary Squad

Calling all WJC Kids – Come join the Sanctuary Squad!

We want you to take your turn participating in and leading our congregation.

There’s lots of ways to become part of the Sanctuary Squad. Take a look at this list of options. Some of them you might already know (maybe from Religious School, the ECC or Torah for Tots.) Some of them are English readings and some are actions. Also, if you want to lead a prayer that you don’t know yet, we will help you learn it!

  • Ashrei
  • Oseh Shalom
  • Ein Keloheinu
  • Adon Olam
  • Anim Zmirot
  • Aleinu
  • Hamotzi
  • Prayer for Israel
  • Prayer for Peace
  • Prayer for Country
  • Open/Close the Ark
  • Help bring Challah into the sanctuary


Details for Grown-ups:

We feel it is important for children to be comfortable in the sanctuary and to gain the experience of leading the congregation in prayer before their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Plus, we love having children in the main sanctuary on Shabbat. So, how can you help your children become part of the Sanctuary Squad?

1. Help them pick out something from the list above.

2. Fill out this form to let us know that they are interested in doing

3. Aleza will be in touch to help your child learn the prayers and pick a date

To learn more, please contact Amy Bennett at or Tami Arnowitz at

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