WJC Launches Inclusion Task Force


The mission of the newly re-convened Inclusion Task Force is to enhance our welcoming community within WJC by embracing diversity and appreciating our differences. The group has been asked to make recommendations to synagogue leadership to ensure we are not inadvertently or unwittingly shutting our doors to anyone who wishes to join us. It is comprised of congregants, Rabbi Yolkut, and Aleza Kulp.

In the coming months, we will undertake several projects in order to provide thoughtful proposals. Current goals include reviewing our website content, assessing current programming and promotion, reconsidering synagogue signage, and reviewing program panelists to ensure inclusion of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

We also are participating in a one-year training program co-sponsored by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Keshet to enhance inclusion of lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgender/queer (LGBTQ) people. Our first program features Pam Schuller, a stand-up comedian and disability advocate, on April 7. We encourage input from the community, so please get in touch with Heather Taffet Gold, heathertgold@hotmail.com, or Louise Cohen, loshco@aol.com, with any recommendations or suggestions.

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