WJC Women’s Seder Q&A with Rabbi Avi Killip

By Karen Everett, Carol Fasman & Marisa De Sa’ Women’s Seder Co-Chairs

Join us in celebration and exploration of the women in the Exodus story at WJC’s Women’s Seder March 24 at 7:00pm. Rabbi Avi Killip, VP Strategy and Programs at NYC’s Hadar Institute, will lead us. To help prepare for the event, we sat down with Rabbi Killip to talk about her inspiration.

What inspires you about a women’s seder?

As a child, I loved this holiday that brought my family together to sing and tell stories. Today, as a mother and Rabbi, creating tools for creative family seders is one of the highlights of my year. The Passover story has women at the center. Without women, there could be no redemption of the Jewish people. A Women’s Seder brings us together to talk about what matters in our lives and in our Judaism.

Why did you go into the rabbinate?

I became a Rabbi because I believe that Judaism offers us a deep well of wisdom and community that can enrich our lives. Jewish texts and rituals speak to our deepest questions and greatest joys. They offer our lives community and purpose. I became a Rabbi to help in the project of bringing Judaism alive in people’s lives

What drew you to Hadar and teaching rather than a pulpit?

I am honored to be on the leadership team at Hadar, an organization that works to bring Torah, Avodah, and Hesed into the world. At Hadar we seek to teach Torah that is uncompromisingly honest, spiritually meaningful, and socially responsible. We support and empower Jews building communities around Jewish practice, and we believe that the culmination of all religious life must be Hesed (love and kindness).

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