A New Year Message from Rabbi Arnowitz

Dear WJC Family,

It was such a privilege to share the first days of 5783 with all of you who were able to be present with us at the synagogue and on the live stream. Your commitment to the WJC community is an inspiration to your clergy. We hope you had a meaningful Rosh Hashanah experience and wish you only health, happiness, and blessings in the coming year.

And speaking of blessings, I hope you will participate in our “100 Blessings a Day for 100 Days” Campaign. Many of you are already reciting, giving or ‘doing’ blessings all the time. Please share one with us each day, or go out of your way to give or recite a new blessing. It can remind us that even when times are isolating, we are united as a “blessing community.”

Here is the link to the page that summarizes the project and is where you can go to report your blessing—please click it and bookmark the page so you can submit every day.

P.S. A few of you asked me for the video link with the robot arm “Can’t Help Myself,” so here is a link to a video of the robot in Venice and an article that tells the story of how the video went viral under the illusion that the robot was literally squeegeeing for its life. I’ve also included a second video with Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell doing the “Grace Kelly” challenge, because, well, I can’t help myself.

P.P.S. If you were elsewhere for the holiday and would like more details, please feel free to reach out and set up a time to speak with me.

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