March Mitzvahs

From the Project Ezra Passover Funds Drive to the Religious School’s Passover Candy Fundraiser to the Sisterhood’s “Making the Omer Count,” check out all the ways you can contribute to our community and beyond!


lucidProject Ezra Passover 2021 Funds Drive

Due to the pandemic, while we cannot collect and distribute boxes of food directly to the elders, we once again call on you to help Project Ezra elders celebrate Passover by providing funds for them to purchase traditional Passover foods.

From now until March 12, please send your check, made out ONLY to Project Ezra, to WJC, attention SOJAC, and we will get the checks to Ezra to distribute checks to the elders. As a reminder, the address to WJC is 175 Rockland Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543. (If you prefer, Send your check directly to Project Ezra at 387 Grand Street-Ground Floor, New York, NY 10002. Mark the memo: Passover—WJC member.)

Your donation makes the difference for Ezra’s clients to celebrate a traditional Passover in their homes this year. Learn More


Religious School Passover Candy Fundraiser ends March 1st!

Shop for a variety of Passover items, gifts, delicious frozen cookie dough and many more items! The annual Candy Sale benefits the Parents’ Association, who organize and fund many programs at WJC throughout the year—the Purim Carnival, Siddurim for each Religious School student and Hanukkah Gift Bags to name a few. Orders will be shipped directly to the purchasing family and friend’s homes. Learn More


Making the Omer Count with Sisterhood

Last year, Sisterhood donated $10,000 to WJC and local causes including supporting the tent project to keep the ECC thriving safely outdoors, local food banks to help provide nourishment to our neighbors during this trying period, and several other projects. This year, it is our mission to keep our WJC community inspired, connected, and engaged. We’ve created over twenty programs and they’ve all been free (save two programs that have had nominal costs), so that finances may never be an obstacle to learning and connecting. Our programs have reached WJC members of all ages. Because of this, I ask each of you, Sisterhood member or not, man or woman, to participate in supporting our spring Sisterhood fundraiser: “Making The Omer Count.”

Each year, Jews throughout the world count the Omer, from the evening of the second Seder to Shavuot, to commemorate the spiritual preparation of the Israelites’ readying themselves to receive the Torah on Shavuot. I invite you all to Make The Omer Count this year. Pledge as little as $0.36 per day (x 50 days for a total of $18), or more and commit to both our Sisterhood and your own personal strength and growth.

As our theme for the year is from strength to strength, we are committed to your gaining mental and spiritual strength from our project.

Each day, you will receive a written mantra/meditation alongside a corresponding brief mental exercise to begin your day with a new, positive perspective. After our 50 day counting is complete, you will receive the daily collection as a completed virtual guide.
To participate in this beautiful fundraiser, please register by emailing and pledging your fundraising goal (payment via check to The WJC Sisterhood, PayPal, or Zelle).

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